How to Pick the Right Mattress for a Guest Room

Looking to upgrade your guest room from a blow up air mattress to a real bed? You don’t have to spend a lot to provide your guests with a comfortable night’s sleep. For about $500, you can find a great mattress for that guest room. Here’s what to keep in mind while shopping.


A Bed for Everyone

While your bed should be customized to fit you, a guest mattress needs to fit a variety of people, sleeping styles and needs. Finding the right bed can help both your grandparents who have arthritis and back pain and your cousin who sleeps like a starfish rest well and wake up refreshed.


Look for a Best Rated Mattress that’s right down the middle. Not too firm. Not too soft. A pillow-top innerspring mattress or a memory foam one can provide that comfortable sleeping surface that both cushions and supports your body. You may also want to look for a mattress pad that has a layer of foam or batting. Then you can add or remove the extra cushion to better personalize the mattress to your guests’ tastes.


Adjustable Comfort

Although it’s a more expensive option than memory foam or an innerspring mattress, you can still find an adjustable-air mattress for about $800. This mattress is a serious step up from a camping-style air bed.


Air mattresses look like any other mattress from the exterior but the inside is a series of air chambers. Each sleeper uses a remote control to set the air pressure in his or her side of the bed independently of the other one for personalized firmness. It’s a win-win for sleepers who have different preferences.


When the Little One Rolls Over

It can be difficult to get to sleep in a new place with different light and sounds. You might finally drift often only to be awakened when your partner rolls over on the springiest mattress ever. As a host, you can help by looking for a mattress that lessens motion transfer by absorbing the movement of your partner tossing, turning or getting in and out of bed.


Memory foam and hybrid — typically an innerspring mattress with memory foam layers — mattresses offer the best motion isolation and innersprings have the highest rate of motion transfer. Latex and adjustable-air mattresses also do a fair job of isolating motion.


Give the Gift of Sleep

You can finish out your guest’s sleeping experience by creating a comfortable environment with extra blankets, minimal light, a lamp, a cooler temperature and nice bedding.